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When to use a licensed electrician

  1. ensure electrical work is safe and code compliant.
  2. buying or renting a home/premises
  3. starting a building/construction
  4. renovation/addition to home or premises
  5. when power has been disconnected from a premises for more than one year.
  6. temproray installation for construction and special events.
  7. periodic inspection of buildings which has been wired for over five years.
  8. after a fire or disaster.
  9. It is prudent to use a licensed electrician for your solar system installations.
  10. Proper Earthing is critical for your safety when adding/updating electrical installations.
  11. Commercial and Industrial customers ensure that your load is balanced between phases.
  12. For your safety always use the services of a licensed electrician.
  13. Preventative and predictive maintenance is critical for the efficient operation of Commercial and Industrial installations.
  14. Always have your licensed electrician consult the various government agencies (J.P.S. , etc.) before the commencement of any electrical projects.

For further info contact board of examiners, GEI and MSTEM.

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