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Home owners get all your electrical material and equipment at competitive prices.

UL standards, Canadian standard, IEEE standard, British Standard,
ANSI standard, IEC Standard, NEMA standard.

Electical Supplies

voice-data comunication rack

ups supply

UPS change over switch

single phase power line panel

single phase panel-breaker box

single and 3 phase meter

fire extinguisher

electrical enclosure with breaker

3 phase dry type transformer

3 phase dry type transformer 2

3 phase dry type transformer 3

3 phase breaker enclosures

Electrical Wires

Lighting Systems

Sockets & Plugs

Electical Tools

Electrical Handy Tools

Electrical Tool Bag

Electrical Tool Set 1

Electrical Tool Set 2

Safety Gears

Safety Gears

Safety Equipment

Electrical Gloves


We offer installation services for electro-mechanical equipments and accessories. These include Air Conditioner, Solar(PV) Panels, Industrial Motor Controls, and Standby Generators and more.


We provide maintenance on all types of electro-mechanical systems; both those installed by us and those installed by other companies. We bring over 25 years of experience in electrical maintenance to the table and can work with you or your company on any issue.