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What is the time span for a temporary Installation?

All temporary installation last for three months.

How do i know if an electrician is licensed?

All licensed electricians should present a valid electrical license and a notice form when conducting business with the public, you can check with the board of examiners and GEI for confirmation.

Which agency regulate the electrical industry?

Board of examiners ‘licensing of electricians’.

What is difference between a licensed electrician and a certified electrician?

A licensed electrician is legally and technically responsible for the execution of electrical work in the interest of safety. A certified electrician must work under the supervision of a licensed electrician until he/she acquire an electrical license.

What are roles of a licensed electrician and an electrical engineer?

Licensed electricians are responsible for the execution of all electrical work for safety and code compliance. The electrical engineer is responsible for design of the electrical infrastructure to the applicable standard/codes in order for safe operation of the installation.

How do I protect my sensitive electronic appliances / equipment in my office or home?

You must ensure your Installation is effectively earthed; have transient voltage surge suppression(TVSS) installed on your premises to protect your appliances from Surges, spikes and lightning strikes.

How long does an electrical report last?

All electrical report last for one year.

J.P.S. has disconnected my light for over a year. Should I have my premises re-inspected?

All premises which have been discontented for over a year, must be re-inspected and re-certified.

Who is a Licensed Electrician?

A person who is trained in electrical and engineering science and attained a minimum of five years practical experience. This individual has to sit a mandatory written and oral exam; if successful at both exams a licence is granted which is equivalent to an engineering diploma.

Is there a service charge for the services of a licensed electrician?

All electrical installation carries a service charge for residential, commercial and industrial work. For new and existing installation; also installation which has been disconnected for over a year.

Who is the Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI)?

The Electrical Inspector who is the Director of Electricity,of the government electrical inspectorate(GEI) and responsible for administering the requirements of the Electrical Code of Jamaica.

Who is an Electrical Inspector?

This is a government safety officer whose duty is to inspect all new and existing electrical work/installation; to ensure they are safe and code compliant.

When should I use a Licensed Electrician?

On all new and existing electrical wiring; such as modification, alteration, repairs and disconnection of power supply from premises after 1 year.

What other equipment and apparatus, is a licensed Electrician responsible for on a premises?

Anything such as air conditioning and refrigeration, data and communication, audio visual, fire and burglar alarm system, remote gates and garage door, lighting arrestor and earth resistance testing.

Which Ministry does the Electricity division and the Electrical Inspectorate falls under?

Mining, Energy & Information and Communication Technology

What is the training for a license electrician?

5 Year practical Experience and theoretical course for 4-5 years and the passing of a theoretical and oral exam as set by the Board of Examiners. The License granted is equivalent to a Vocational Diploma.

When should I have my premises re-inspected and re-certified by the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI)?

All public and private building after 5 years should be re-inspected and certified. All commercial building and industrial plant should be re-inspected and re-certified every year.

When should I use a lightning arrestor on my building or premises?

On all Public Buildings which can host a number of people at given anytime, such as schools, churches, cinemas, stadiums, markets, etc.

Should I use a Licensed Electrician for my Solar / Wind Mills / Alternative Energy supply?

All electrical plants both private and public should be inspected by a Licensed Electrician; also certified and approved by the Government Electrical Inspectorate.

What is the JS316?

A specification approved by the Bureau of Standards to be a standard specification pursuant to section 7 of the Standard Act 1968 and includes all supplements and amendment.