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An electrical installation that is not properly executed can endanger life and property. When seeking the service of an electrician, you should ensure that the person selected is qualified to do the job and has been licensed by the board of examiners. To safeguard homeowners and the general public,the electric lighting act and the electricity division’s strict governing standards stipulate that only licensed electricians may request an inspection of any new installation from the GEI. There are advantages in employing a licensed electrician, Solomon Burchell director of the Electricity Division of the Ministry Of Industry,Technology,Energy and Commerce (MITEC), points out.

“Going directly to a licensed electrician saves time and money. Furthermore,Unlicensed electricians have no status with the GEI,and so they have to ask a licensed electrician to request the GEI to do the inspection .”
Mr. Solomon Burchell – Director of the Electricity Division

A licensed electrician, according to the electricity division, is an electrician who has been assessed by the board of examiners and has been issued with a licence. The licence indicates that the electrician is approved to practice,as he has proven to the board’s /GEI satisfaction, his knowledge of electrical installation/engineering, the governing electrical standards and good workmanship practice. The electrician has to pass both the written and the oral examinations, set by the board of examiners before being issued with a licence.
On engaging a professional electrician,customers should request to see the electrician licence and should also record the name and the licence number for later verification.The licence comes in a red-covered pocketbook with the licence number prominently displayed on the cover.
A photograph of the licence appears on the first page and the period of validity of the licence is indicated on the boards’s stamped date that bears the board chairman’s Signature.
This licence is valid for three years and it must be renewed on its anniversary failure to comply could result in the electrician being barred from requesting service from the GEI. In order to avoid unnecessary delays,the public should ensure that the licence is valid. This verification can be obtained by checking with the office of the GEI or the board of Examiners, Mr Burchell advice.

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