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Did You Know?

  1. Only a licensed electrician name can go on an electrical report/government documents.
  2. Licensed electricians is responsible for job one year after it is connected to the grid.
  3. The board of examiners (licensing of electricians) is the regulatory body for the electrical industry.
  4. The government electrical inspectorate is responsible for electrical inspection and monitoring of building in Jamaica;in the interest of safety.
  5. Electrical inspectors are safety officers employed by the government,to ensure electrical installations are safe and code compliant.
  6. Insurance company will not insure premises if the electrical work is not done by a licensed electrician.
  7. All licensed electricians are safety practitioners.
  8. Licensed electricians are morally and legally responsible for electrical installation/work during and after its execution.
  9. The electrical sector/industry is regulated for public health and safety.
  10. Only a licensed electrician can submit job(s) for inspection at the GEI.
  11. If your premises is not properly earthed and bonded it is vulnerable to fire,lightning strike,power surge. voltage fluctuation and short circuit. Occupants are also expose to stray voltage,static electricity,earth leakage current and electric shock.
  12. A licensed electrician is a trained professional who is trained in engineering science; Interpretation of the electrical code and the regulations for the sector.
  13. Licensed electricians, electrical trainees, engineers and other workers of the trade are mandated to follow the code and regulations in the interest of safety.
  14. Licensed electricians are responsible for the electrical installation work on stand by system. UPS, air condition,  communication and security systems in commercial and industrial building.
  15. Licensed electricians, engineers and other workers in the electrical industry should be involve in continuous education.
  16. Electrical installations/ Infrastructures should be periodically inspected and re-certified.  Residential every five years and Commercial / Industrial every year.
  17. Public buildings such as churches, schools, plazas, markets and playing fields must be fitted with lightning arrestor system to protect occupants from lightning strikes.
  18. The chief electrical inspector is the final arbiter where the code remain silent.
  19. Electrical trainees and aspiring licensed electricians must work under the supervision of a licensed electrician for five years with five years theoretical studies before he/she is eligible to take the licensing exams.
  20. The js21 is the current code; and soon it will be new building code of  Jamaica will replace it.
  21. Licensed electricians must present a notice form and a valid electrical license;when conducting business with the public.



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